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At L10 School Sports, we provide top quality PE specialists, who mentor and develop the children and young people we work with, while simultaneously extending their learning on matters both within and beyond the classroom walls
L10 School Sports provide PPA, CPD and teaching sessions, as well as the range of in-class support services we offer.

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L10 School Sports deliver high quality physical education and sporting experiences for schools. our aim is to help every child attain their personal best.

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PE National Curriculum

L10 School Sports will produce and deliver a bespoke yearly overview based on a vast range of National Curriculum based activities such as:

  • Invasion Games

  • Net/Wall

  • Striking/Fielding

  • Athletics

  • Dance

  • Gymnastics

Each topic comes with detailed lesson plans. We at L10 School Sports believe that children should have the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of sports. For this reason, every child is assessed every half term on each sports rather than a unit of work. Assessments are based on end of topic expectations for each year group as well as outlining children’s effort and attainment level.

From years of experience, we have noticed that children who are challenged through differentiation in sport, not only excel in physical activity but also have a happier, healthier lifestyle.

All L10 School Sports staff are observed in their school at least once per term.

L10 School Sports Coaches are all Enhanced DBS checked, they are also certified in Safeguarding, Child Protection and First Aid.


Bespoke Lesson plans for nursery - reception children

L10 School Sports provide bespoke lesson plans, success criteria and assessments for nursery, pre-school and reception children.

Sessions are created to allow children to explore and discover the fundamentals of movement and coordination. In preparation for KS1 children will learn about ABC’s (agility, balance, coordination) and foot/hand-eye coordination.

Lessons are tailored and specialist resources used, allowing children to develop at their own pace. Children are guided the correct way, preparing them for more complicated, technical movements and techniques in KS1.

Whilst engaged, children work together and interact, thus enhancing social skills.

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What is Specialised Lunchtime Play?

Specialised Lunchtime play is used to ensure children are making the most of their playtime by staying active whilst playing fairly and safely.

Keeping the children engaged means fewer accidents and incidents occur whilst encouraging children to improve their social skills.

School feedback has suggested that children who partake in structured play return to class focussed and on task.

Organised play can be as easy as a class or year group that use a particular area of the playground, field or hall to play specific games and activities delivered by L10 School Sports coaches.


Breakfast Clubs and After School Clubs

L10 School Sports provide an excellent, all-embracing range of sports courses which include:

  • Athletics

  • Basketball

  • Cricket (Kwik)

  • Dodgeball

  • Football

  • Hockey

  • Multi Sports

  • Rugby (Tag)

  • Tennis (Mini)

Courses can be held on the playground, field or in the school hall (weather permitting).

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Holiday Multi Sports Camp

What better way to know that your pupils are staying fit and active during school holidays than providing your very own sports camp. Multi-Sport camps are the ideal way to ensure children are active and engaged through sport.

L10 School Sports deliver holiday sports camps with the aim of giving children a fun-filled action-packed time, playing sports and games in a safe, organised and controlled environment.

We can provide a tailored holiday sports camp at your school, based on facilities, ages and numbers.

A bespoke webpage is included, which would be tailored to the individual needs of your School’s Camp. From here, parents can view the range of sports on offer, map, timetable and registration details. They would also be able to book online.

Certificates and Medals are awarded every day.


Bespoke Sports Day Packages

L10 School Sports can take the responsibility away from your staff to organise and deliver a bespoke Sports Day in the Summer Term. We can discuss events, size of groups/teams, duration, level of competition and event layout. Ensuring you have a stress free – but action-packed – day. One that children, parents and staff will all remember.

Your school’s bespoke sports day can include recording of scores – allowing for a long term school competition, as well as a ‘Roll of Honour’.

Medals and presentations can also be part of the package.

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Increasing community cohesion within competition

L10 School Sports host and assist schools from various boroughs to come together and take part in football and basketball leagues and tournaments.

The aim is to increase community cohesion among primary school and secondary children as well as providing children with a platform from which they can play sport, helping to develop life skills and character, together with the pleasure of participating in a team.

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